Odoo is a scalable enterprise resource planning system that combines easy-to-use functionality with a comprehensive suite of business management tools. Discover the power behind this affordable ERP system, and how it can optimise your processes for the future.

What is Odoo?

Odoo is designed to help streamline your business. This powerful application comprises a range of integrated modules to address both financial and operational functions, and helps businesses of all sizes achieve organisation-wide oversight from one central platform.

Who can benefit from Odoo?

As a fully-integrated and fully-customisable suite of business applications, Odoo sits in that sweet spot in the market where it can be valuable for both small and medium businesses, right through to enterprise-level organisations.

Odoo does it all, and enables you to manage your CRM, sales, Project Management, Warehouse Management, Accounting, and HR from one central platform.

The Odoo family of 10,000+ apps work together seamlessly, enabling you to access and utilise them from anywhere, on any device.

Over 12,000,000 Odoo users worldwide trust this powerful platform to help them streamline and improve how they do business.

Odoo ERP: An app for every need

Accounting & Finance

A comprehensive app prioritising accountant productivity through AI invoice recognition, bank synchronisation, and smart matching, providing real-time accuracy and compliance with Australian operational standards.

Sales &

Effortlessly track leads, follow up opportunities, and enhance predictive insights, enabling faster and clearer quotes. Free up valuable time to prioritize customer relationships and drive revenue growth.


Unlock streamlined HR management with Odoo—your all-in-one solution for recruiting, time-off management, salary processing, appraisals, expense reviews, & more. Enhance employee management & efficiency through a unified dashboard.

Inventory &

Gain real-time insights into warehouse performance for informed decisions with Odoo. Centralise production management, automate processes and expedite operations through advanced quality control—all within one comprehensive platform.

Website & eCommerce

Build your business’s unique website with Odoo, seamlessly managing online stores and inventory through integrated eCommerce tools, including product catalogs, shopping carts, and secure payment processing.


Odoo Marketing streamlines and enhances your marketing efforts by automating tasks such as mass mailing, event promotion, marketing automation, and campaign management, saving you time and energy.


Utilise Odoo Service Module to efficiently organise and plan projects, monitor employee task time, schedule and track onsite operations, manage time and materials, prioritise and resolve customer tickets, and oversee employee schedules, allowing seamless booking of meetings in your agenda.


Leverage Odoo’s Productivity module for streamlined communication through chat, mail gateway, and private channels, facilitate approval requests, support IoT with basic models and helpers, manage calls, and organise a comprehensive knowledge library.

An infinitely customisable solution

Odoo is built on an extensible architecture, which means you can extend its capabilities as you need them. It allows you to add and adjust modules as your business grows, and integrates with other systems to allow for swift and seamless information sharing.

Easy to operate in any use case

Odoo isn’t just designed for one segment of the market. From Sales & Distribution, to Mining & Exploration, through to Manufacturing companies, Odoo is intuitive and easy-to-use, enabling you to come to grips with the platform faster, so you can start seeing its benefits sooner.

Compare Odoo with other ERP/Accounting Systems

A detailed comparison of Odoo vs Netsuite for SMEs.

Odoo vs Netsuite

A detailed comparison of Odoo vs MS Dynamics for SMEs.

A detailed comparison of Odoo vs Xero for SMEs.

Odoo vs Xero

A detailed comparison of Odoo vs Myob for SMEs.

Odoo vs Myob

A detailed comparison of Odoo vs MS Dynamics AX for SMEs.

Odoo vs MS Dynamics AX

A detailed comparison of Odoo vs SAP Business One for SMEs.

Meet some of our successful Odoo ERP implementation clients

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babylon pump and power Odoo implementation perth
5B Australia Pty Ltd Odoo Implementation
coolon led lighting odoo erp implementation australia
DexEx Resources Odoo ERP implementation Perth WA
Essential Metals Odoo ERP implementation Perth WA
GRANO DIRECT odoo erp implementation perth WA
Joyce Krane Odoo ERP Implementation Perth WA
Lighting-Options-Odoo ERP implementation Perth WA Australia
manta5 Odoo ERP implementation NZ
millform australia Odoo ERP Implementation Perth WA Australia
Pacific Mining Parts Odoo ERP implementation Perth WA Australia
Rakumba Lighting Odoo ERP Implementation Perth WA Australia
Standard_Access_Odoo ERP Implementation Perth WA
Skins_compression Odoo ERP implementation Perth WA
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Vantage Wealth Management Odoo ERP Implementation PERTH WA AUSTRALIA
Strings Centre Violins Odoo ERP implementation Perth WA Australia
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FIRESAFE Odoo erp implementation in Perth WA Australia
Nood Co Odoo erp implementation in Perth WA Australia
Cassaform Odoo ERP Implementation Perth WA Australia
Offsite Odoo erp implementation in Perth WA Australia
Trex Odoo erp implementation in Perth WA Australia
Preservar Odoo erp implementation in Perth WA Australia
Canopy living Odoo ERP Implementation Perth WA Australia

Integrate Odoo ERP with third party apps:


Odoo ERP ecommerce Shopify Woocommerce integration

Enhance your sales order efficiency by integrating with eCommerce platforms like WooCommerce, Shopify, and various others.


Odoo ERP CRM integration

Leverage Odoo CRM connectors to seamlessly retrieve essential customer, order, and product data from platforms such as Hubspot, Salesforce, Zoho, WordPress, and others.

Payment Gateway

Odoo ERP Payment integration

Odoo incorporates various payment providers like Stripe, PayPal, Adyen, and AsiaPay. This enables your customers to make online payments, whether through their customer portals or on your eCommerce website.

Domestic & International Shipping

Odoo ERP shipping integration

Odoo lets you seamlessly connect with a range of carriers, including Australia Post, Fastway, Courier Please, Sendle, DHL, Fedex and others.

Accounting & Payroll

Enhance productivity by integrating Odoo with your accounting systems, such as Xero, QuickBooks, and KeyPay. This integration allows for the automation of numerous accounting and financial reporting tasks.

ERP & Specialised Software

Odoo ERP third party integration

Integrate Odoo with ERP and specialised systems like SAP and Oracle to manage your business centrally.

And more...

All tech in one platform



Point of Sale





Frequently asked questions

Learn more about how Odoo works, and what it can achieve for your business.

How much does a typical Odoo implementation cost?

Odoo has many modules, with extensive capabilities. As such, the cost will depend on which modules you choose and the complexity of your business. When you contact us, we can provide an accurate estimate so you understand the investment you’re making.

How much time does it take to implement Odoo?

Implementation time will vary based on the complexity of your requirements. Typical implementation can take anywhere from three to nine months, and a basic implementation may take much less time. For example, a single business entity implementing Sales, Purchasing, and Accounting will take considerably less time than a 10-entity organisation implementing Sales, Purchasing, Accounting, Manufacturing, Inventory, CRM, and Field Services.

What’s your Odoo implementation process like?

We have a structured process that comprises Initialisation, Implementation, Transition, and GO-Live. The centrepiece of the Initialisation phase is a Scoping and Requirements Study. The key output from this process is a detailed Scope and Requirements document, which incorporates your timelines, required modules and software components, resourcing requirements, required effort, and associated costs.

How many – and which – modules do I need to purchase?

The beauty of Odoo is that you can start small and allow it to grow as it accommodates your budget and your business requirements. Your immediate needs are established during the Scoping and Requirements stage, once we have gained an understanding of what your business is looking to achieve.

Can you migrate our existing data from spreadsheets and other legacy systems into Odoo?

Yes, we absolutely can. Our tech team can work with you to load data sitting on a range of different systems, and we can also build connectors to connect data from your industry-specific systems, directly to Odoo.

We have already implemented Odoo, but it’s a mess. Can you help?

We have a business, not a system focus, so we can do what it takes to help you streamline your business. This includes optimising any existing Odoo systems. During our time, we’ve inherited a range of Odoo implementations that have been compliant from a system perspective, but have failed dismally from a business perspective. Our Business Analysts are all trained Accountants, and understand how your system needs to work from your business’ perspective.

Do you provide post implementation support?

We’re all about building and maintaining long-term relationships with our clients, and our post-implementation support reflects this ethos. We offer a range of different support packages that fit neatly with your needs, and continue to grow and evolve as your business does.

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