Hitachi Vantara

Modernise your data operations from the edge to the cloud with the Hitachi Vantara suite.

What is Hitachi Vantara?

Hitachi Vantara delivers a cost-effective digital transformation solution, Lumada Data Ops, to businesses of all sizes, with a comprehensive suite of digital infrastructure products that covers Internet of Things (IoT), cloud, apps, big data, analytics solutions, and more.

How Hitachi Vantara benefits your business

Modern businesses need to make decisions fast—you can’t afford to have multiple data sources and reporting applications slowing you down. Optimise your business intelligence by taking advantage of Hitachi’s smarter analytics. Hitachi Vantara is a data orchestration tool that empowers you to make business decisions faster, with improved accuracy.

Cost-effective solution with I&A Essatto Perth WA

Eliminate ineffective programs and apps from your workflows. You gain access to the full Hitachi Vantara suite, so you can leverage an all-in-one ecosystem to power your busines

Unleash Hitachi’s automation capabilities to boost your productivity and deploy new business solutions faster.

Self-service analytics and minimal IT dependence with I&A Essatto Perth WA

Self-service analytics and minimal IT dependence empower your teams to take control of their roles and uncover new insights.

Discover Hitachi's Lumada Data Ops Suite with I&A's Business Software Solution in Perth WA Australia

Discover Hitachi’s Lumada Data Ops suite

A modular system designed for intelligent data operations, Lumada Data Ops allows you to customise your user experience. Your business can use each module either as a standalone solution, or in combination with the full platform, where they work together to deliver end-to-end data operations.

Seamlessly ingest, process, and translate your data from anywhere across your business. Secure your data through comprehensive automated cataloguing. Take advantage of intelligent data tiering and object storage to reduce Hadoop infrastructure costs. It’s all part of a Hitachi modern business solution.

Leverage data integration Hitachi's Lumada Data Ops Suite with I&A's Business Software Solution in Perth WA Australia

Leverage powerful data integration

Powering your Hitachi solution is the Pentaho Enterprise Edition. Delivering data integration and analytics capabilities at enterprise scale, it empowers businesses to rapidly build and deploy data pipelines, integrate data lakes and warehouses, and orchestrate a seamless data flow across your entire network. You’re able to prepare and action your data faster, so you can boost business performance without increasing spend.

Frequently asked questions

Learn more about how Hitachi Vantara works, and what it can achieve for your business.

What type of Hitachi service does I&A offer?

We provide comprehensive Hitachi Vantara Data Ops Suite as a part of our Data Analytics offering.

Can you help us connect data from multiple sources?

Absolutely, our consultants are extremely experienced in leveraging Hitachi’s Pentaho Data Integrator to connect data from multiple sources.

How much does an implementation cost?

It really depends on your business requirements. Typically, we undertake a Scoping and Requirements study to understand your needs and provide an estimate, timelines, resourcing, etc, before we proceed with the implementation.

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