Data Analytics

Deploy smarter business intelligence and data analytics software that enables your business to uncover deeper insight, make better decisions, and drive business growth by increasing revenue and reducing costs.

What is Data Analytics?

Businesses are generating more data than ever, so it’s increasingly critical for organisations to have the capacity to analyse and interpret it correctly and accurately. Our data analytics software empowers your business to better understand your data with custom dashboards and drillable reports.

What are the benefits of Data Analytics?

The right data analytics platform supports your business in accessing data from a wider range of sources. Deploy one central platform that can be accessed by business users at all levels to gather, collate, and analyse your data faster and more effectively—and better data means better decisions.

reduce risk and uncertainity with I&A RPA Perth WA

Reduce risk and uncertainty, with complete confidence that the information you have is accurate. Turn this insight into actionable business decisions based on trustworthy information.

Access information faster. Your data is updated in real time, from a single or multiple trusted sources as required, do you can make informed decisions in real time.

Insightful data for businesses with I&A Budgeting and ForecastingPerth WA

Turn your information into insight, and get the full story with your data. Access insights that help improve operational efficiency and incremental revenue creation opportunities.

Data Analytics for SMEs and Enterprise Perth WA Australia

Prepare your business for the future

As your business grows, so too does your data volume. Working with outdated or incomplete spreadsheets slows your decision making down, and can result in costly mistakes.

We help you leverage powerful data analytics and data warehousing tools to ensure your business-critical information is stored safely, securely, and cleaned and formatted in a way that makes it as easy as possible to access and interpret. Our solutions can be hosted on-premises or in the cloud to accommodate your specific business needs.

Data Analytics improve business agility for SMEs and Enterprise Perth WA Australia

Reduce error and improve business agility

We help you implement a modern data analytics solution that optimises your efficiency.

Our solutions automate the loading and processing of data. Data that’s obtained from multiple sources is matched as it’s loaded, saving time and improving accuracy. The decision-making process can be accelerated as data is loaded and made available to end users in near real-time. Using our data analytics solutions provide end users with one source of truth, enabling a more efficient decision-making process.

Tailored Data Analytics improve business agility for SMEs and Enterprise Perth WA Australia

A completely tailored data analytics solution

Go beyond the outdated standalone Excel spreadsheet and deliver data in the way that makes the most sense to your users. Our fully-customisable data analytics solutions enable you to create intelligent dashboards, and deploy Excel workbooks that are dynamically linked with both read and write access to the central data platform.

You get complete Excel integration, reducing training costs and facilitating end-user acceptance. There’s no steep learning curve, as end users can leverage existing Excel familiarity. Business users at every level can benefit from its reporting features and direct end user input activities such as budget formulation, going far beyond an error-prone de facto data storage solution.

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