Streamline your time and attendance with this affordable and comprehensive, Australian-based “No Touch” smart time clock solution.

What is NoahFace?

NoahFace transforms iPads and smartphones into a flexible, scalable, and dependable clocking platform. NoahFace offers features like facial recognition, temperature and alcohol screening and much more.

How NoahFace benefits your business

With NoahFace, track time by task both on-premises and at remote locations, facilitating the assignment of labour to individual jobs/tasks.

Time & Attendance Management for Today's Business Needs by I&A Perth WA Perth

Time & Attendance: The smart time clock solution that can even operate when offline and supports multiple and complex data capture options.

Access Control Time and Attendance solution by I&A Perth WA Perth

Access Control: Supports hands, card free security and strong identification for your most secure areas.

Visitor Registration, Time and Attendance solution by I&A Perth WA Perth

Visitor Registration: Provides features like visitor details, host notification, screening options and much more.

Accounting, Billing, Payment Management with Equipment Hire Software Services by I&A Perth WA Perth

Profitability Reporting: Take advantage of no-touch, biometric time clocking that helps facilitate job profitability and job costing by tracking time spent on individual jobs.

NoahFace the smart time clock solution for businesses by I&A in Perth WA Australia

NoahFace: The smart time clock

You can use wall-mounted iPads or employee mobile phones, that can be geofenced or mapped to track exactly where staff are at the time of clocking. Integrate with multiple payroll brands or use NoahFace stand-alone.

NoahFace the smart time clock solution for businesses by I&A in Perth WA Australia

NoahFace, a time clock device on “Steriods”

  • Unlimited devices
  • Clock In / Out
  • Job Tracking
  • Supervisor Clocking and Job Tracking
  • Bar & QR Code Scanning
  • Paid / Unpaid Breaks
  • Employee sync every 30 minutes
  • Scheduled Reports
  • Hourly Paid Staff and Salaried Staff
  • Alcohol & Temperature Screening

Frequently asked questions

Learn more about how NoahFace works, and what it can achieve for your business.

What can NoahFace be used for?

NoahFace can be used for Time and Attendance, Access Control, and Visitor Registration. Each of these solutions can optionally have Temperature Screening added to it.

What equipment will I need for NoahFace?

You will need a base model iPad and an iPad mount.

What sort of network connection is needed for NoahFace?

NoahFace can work over WiFi, wired ethernet (with an appropriate adaptor), or mobile connections.

What happens if network connectivity is temporarily lost?

NoahFace will continue to work without a network connection. Events are stored locally and are sent to NoahFace Cloud service when network connectivity is re-established.

Where is the NoahFace Cloud service hosted?

The NoahFace Cloud service is hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Does NoahFace encrypt data?

All communication between the iPads and the NoahFace Cloud service is encrypted using TLS/SSL. When sensitive user-related data (eg: passcodes and biometrics) is managed locally on each iPad, it is encrypted and secured using IOS keychain services.

How does the registration process work?

The first time a user presents themselves they need to identify themselves manually. For example, by entering a passcode that has been emailed or SMSed to them. The registration process takes less than 30 seconds.

Can NoahFace support completely touchless operation?

Yes. NoahFace can support completely touchless operation for Access Control, Time and Attendance, and even for returning visitors in Visitor Registration.

‍How fast is the facial recognition process?

Once the camera can see a face, NoahFace can recognise it in under a second. Each time you use NoahFace it learns, making the recognition process even faster over time.

Can NoahFace be fooled with a selfie or photograph?

NoahFace includes sophisticated “liveness testing” algorithms that aim to differentiate between a live person and a photograph or replayed video. These include both 2D algorithms, which will detect and prevent many casual fraud attempts using a selfie and a highly secure 3D algorithm that leverages the depth sensing capabilities of the iPad Pro. You can choose which algorithm is most suited to your needs.

How many faces can NoahFace support?

NoahFace can support up to 2,000 people at a single kiosk, and 50,000 or more people across an organisation.

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