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We help you deploy the right software solutions to drive business growth, no matter your size.

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Just because you’ve always done things one way doesn’t mean it can’t be improved. Leverage business software systems that improve your processes, streamline your operations, eliminate inefficiencies, and help you make smarter decisions for the future.


Built to power business transformation, UiPath provides RPA technologies that allow your business to automate its multi-step processes and activities, and get more time back in your day, business-wide.


Improve your budgeting and forecasting, streamline your data management, and gain business insights with this powerful data management and reporting platform.


Odoo ERP is a modern, scalable suite of business management software comprising integrated modules to address both financial and operational functions. With around 50 core modules and over 30,000 user developed apps, including CRM, billing, accounting, manufacturing, project management, and inventory management, Odoo provides company-wide oversight from one central platform and is available both on-premises and in the cloud.

Streamline business operations with I&A's Business Software solution for Sales & Distribution industry

Streamline your business operations

We help you cut out inefficient and time-consuming steps in your processes and bring your business into the future with powerful automation tools. We work with you to implement the systems and software solutions that help you improve and manage your operational and financial processes—or revolutionise them entirely.

Streamline business operations with I&A's Business Software solution for Sales & Distribution industry

Enhance your budgeting and forecasting

We work with you to deploy budgeting and forecasting solutions that ensure you get access to more accurate data. You get the right information you need to effectively plan for tomorrow; for growth, and times of change, allowing you to weather industry flux and challenges helping you to plot a course for a successful future.

Drive Business Growth with I&A's Business Software solution for Sales & Distribution industry

Drive business growth, your way

Grow your business the way that works for you. Our business software solutions are highly customisable. You get access to the right platform that can be built and fine-tuned to your specific needs. Whatever industry you’re in, we help you leverage a solution that incorporates all the relevant modules you’re likely to need in one single platform, allowing you to add and adapt more services as your business grows.

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Regardless of your business’ size, we provide customised business software solutions that enable you to streamline your processes and optimise your performance.