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We work with the following market-leading technology providers to help your business achieve digital transformation.


Odoo is a scalable enterprise resource planning system that combines easy-to-use functionality with a comprehensive suite of business management tools. Comprising a range of integrated modules to address both financial and operational functions, Odoo helps businesses of all sizes achieve organisation-wide oversight from one central platform.


KeyPay is a cloud-based workforce management and payroll platform. Fully integrated with an Odoo solution, KeyPay automates the flow of your employee data across rosters, timesheets, leave management, and reporting, along with single touch payroll and optimal visibility over your pay run at all times.

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Take advantage of no-touch, biometric time clocking that helps facilitate job profitability and job costing by tracking time spent on individual jobs.


Essatto delivers budgeting and forecasting, streamlined management reporting, data analytics, and multi-purpose data consolidation in one comprehensive application. This powerful application enables you to increase profitability by reducing administrative effort, identifying cost savings, and providing more clarity and insight around your numbers.


UiPath is a global leader in robotic process automation solutions. Built to increase business productivity and efficiency, UiPath provides RPA technologies that allow your business to automate its repetitive processes and activities, and get more time back in your day, business-wide.


An enterprise-grade solution, MicroStrategy provides a comprehensive analytics and business intelligence platform that helps organisations build and deploy analytics and mobility apps to transform your business. Supporting both centralised and decentralised analytic and reporting requirements, MicroStrategy helps your business to take advantage of cloud intelligence and leverage deeper data to make smarter, more informed decisions.

Hitachi Vantara

Hitachi Vantara empowers businesses of all sizes to modernise your data operations from the edge to the cloud. It delivers a cost-effective digital transformation solution, with a comprehensive suite of digital infrastructure products that covers Internet of Things (IoT), cloud, apps, big data, analytics solutions, and more.


Oracle delivers a holistic cloud and database management solution, with a wide range of infrastructure and software offerings across an infinite number of industries. It empowers your business to upgrade to more consistent processes, and take better control of your data, while improving your business agility and ability to react to change.


As a leader in the industry, the Microsoft suite of tools is ubiquitous. But with a wide range of different service offerings, and a comprehensive package of business improvement tools, the depth and capability of these platforms are often underestimated. We help you leverage the power of a Microsoft technology solution and discover the true potential of your business’ analytics.

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Employment Hero

Employment Hero is a smarter way to manage HR, payroll, performance, learning, recognition and benefits using an integrated cloud-based solution.