Deploy intelligent automation technologies to streamline repetitive processes and activities, and get more time back in your day, business-wide.

What is UiPath

UiPath is a global leader in robotic process automation (RPA) solutions. Designed to increase your business’ productivity and efficiency, UiPath uses powerful AI to automate your existing business workflows. UiPath interacts with your systems just like a human would: it’s like having a casual human resource that works quietly alongside your team, processing designated tasks faster and with more accuracy.

What are the benefits of UiPath?

UiPath’s robotic process automation empowers you to use the technologies you have more effectively. It increases efficiency while minimising human effort, allowing you to deploy your team to higher value tasks while reducing your costs and improving your service delivery at the same time.

Automate repetitive tasks I&A RPA Automation Solution Perth WA

Automate your repetitive tasks and increase your throughput with greater accuracy.

Implement and buy or rent a rpa robot I&A RPA Automation Solution Perth WA

Whether it’s a complete managed service that we operate for you, or an RPA solution that you manage yourself, you’re able to access a solution that works the way you do.

Infinitely scalable solution, become fully automated I&A RPA Automation Solution Perth WA

UiPath is an infinitely scalable solution, so you’re able to continue uncovering further automation opportunities as your business grows.

Uncover new ways to work with UiPath's RPA Automation service implementation by I&A in Perth WA Australia

Uncover better ways to work

We can identify manual repetitive tasks and advise on where automation can improve your processes. Using UiPath, we then build an automation protocol to streamline your workflows and improve how your teams operate.

Build more efficient business with UiPath's RPA Automation service implementation by I&A in Perth WA Australia

Build a more efficient business for the future

Once you have your UiPath automation in place, it gets to work to boost productivity and save staff time. You’re able to drive down costs, eliminate inefficient processes, and reduce human error, by automating repetitive administration tasks, freeing up your staff time to focus on higher value work. UiPath’s RPA capabilities leverage your existing systems to supercharge your workflows, while minimising any disruption to your business.

Frequently asked questions

Learn more about how UiPath works, and what it can achieve for your business.

What processes are best fit for RPA Automation?

The ideal processes that benefit from RPA are usually those that are high in volume and repetitive. These processes are generally standardised, rule-based, and have ROI potential. Our team can help you identify the processes within your business that will benefit from RPA, and then provide an analysis on how we can automate them for you.

Can RPA work in any software application?

Yes, RPA process can be used to automate and integrate data with almost any application.

How do I get started?

Start by booking a consultation with us. One of our Business Analysts will get in touch to discuss your specific use case and develop a Process Map to map out the end-to-end process of for specific needs. We then review the process and identify opportunities for improvement. Once the process is confirmed, our developers then deploy RPA technology to fulfill your requirement.

What benefits can I expect from RPA?

RPA helps free up administrative effort and time by cutting down manual and repetitive business tasks. This helps employees to focus on more productive tasks, increasing efficiency. RPA robots also streamline tasks flawlessly with increased accuracy and consistent quality—eliminating human error for good.

How long does it take to fully implement RPA for a process?

The time to implement RPA robot to automate a task varies. It depends on the number of tasks involved and complexity of the task. It can take as little as two weeks for automating simple systems and two to three months with more complex workflows.

Is it affordable for my business to deploy an RPA bot?

We offer two different options for automation.

Purchase and Implement

You can purchase an RPA solution that we design to match your specific use case, then deploy it in-house. The cost of deploying RPA bots depends on the number of bots and complexity of the task. We have a lot of experience working with many smaller firms and making it affordable for them to take advantage of RPA.

Hire a Robot

You can take advantage of our Hire a Robot managed service, where we design and manage the bots to match your specific case. You only pay for the time these bots are utilised. We find that our customers often initially hire their own RPA robot, then transition to Purchase and Implement solution once the investment is validated and utilisation reaches an appropriate level.

My business is interested, but I’m concerned that our team doesn’t have anyone to maintain the RPA bots on our premises. Can you help us with that?

Yes, we can. We offer a consultation and support service as and when required regardless of whether you Purchase and Implement or Hire a Robot.

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