Business Transformation for Equipment Hire Companies

Our integrated Equipment Hire Solution (EHS) software solution empowers you to work smarter, not harder, and maximise the potential of your equipment hire business.

It’s time to embrace digital change

An equipment rental and hire business comes with its own complexities. Managing information using multiple spreadsheets and different applications can be time-consuming, expensive and inefficient.
I&A’s EHS helps deliver affordable digital transformation and automation for the Equipment Hire industry that provides Transaction Processing, Budgeting and Forecasting, HR & Payroll, Robotics Automation and Data Analytics.

Manage Rental and Hire Operations easily with Equipment Hire Software Services by I&A Perth WA Perth

Manage Rental/Hire Operations

  • Easily configure rental/hire products
  • Rental dashboard to get a clear view of product availability and booking status
  • Pricelist management for customers – automatic price calculation based on customer and asset hired
  • Manage complete sales-to-hire flow: from enquiries to quotes to rental agreements to monthly invoicing/billing
Accounting, Billing, Payment Management with Equipment Hire Software Services by I&A Perth WA Perth

Accounting, Billing & Payment Management

  • Maintain the accounting record for equipment sale and rental order
  • Get access to equipment-wise income and expense
  • Get separate or collected invoice analysis reports for both sale and rental
  • Manage purchase/rental orders, tenders, agreements, deliveries and returns in one place
Repair, Inventory Warehouse Management easily with Equipment Hire Software Services by I&A Perth WA Perth

Repair, Inventory & Warehouse Management

  • Easily track the maintenance status of all equipment and assets under repair or maintenance
  • Capture repair expenses against each piece of equipment
  • Optimise inventory levels to maintain the correct stock
  • Take advantage of an intuitive interface that is easy to use
Hire & rental management for Equipment Hire companies by I&A in Perth WA Australia

Hire and rental management made easy

Over the years, I&A has worked with many equipment rentals and hire businesses, that have been entangled with a myriad of systems. The I&A EHS helps businesses manage rental operations, accounting, billing & payment management, repair services, inventory & warehouse management, and back office operations in one place.

Moreover, the solution can be easily customised to accommodate unique business processes.

Integrate data from multiple sources for Equipment Hire companies by I&A in Perth WA Australia

Integrate Performance Management

EHS allows you to combine data from multiple processes as well as providing you with reporting analysis, budgeting & forecasting and cashflow forecasting allowing you to combine forecasted data with operational data from bespoke third-party systems.

Effortlessly manage HR & payroll for Equipment Hire companies by I&A in Perth WA Australia

Effortlessly manage HR and payroll

I&A’s solution provides integrated HR and Payroll and includes timesheets, payroll journals, employee information and job data, all available in one place. Features include:

  • Clock In / Out
  • Job Tracking
  • Supervisor Clocking
  • Access rights for mangers and admin
  • Remote Team Management
  • Automated Payrun
  • Payroll Reporting
  • Bar & QR Code Scanning
  • Paid / Unpaid Breaks
  • Timesheet Approval Process
  • Employee sync every 30 minutes
  • Scheduled Reports
  • Made for Australian Market

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