Business Transformation Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry

Optimise your business processes with a complete digital solution.

We’re here to help you optimise your efficiency

Gain greater control over your operations by integrating your specialised equipment and systems with a manufacturing solution that’s built for the future. We work with you to deploy a fully functional, end-to-end software solution to streamline how your business operates.

An enterprise-level software solution, without the price tag.


Built to power business transformation, UiPath provides RPA technologies that allow your business to automate its multi-step processes and activities, and get more time back in your day, business-wide.


Improve your budgeting and forecasting, streamline your data management, and gain business insights with this powerful data management and reporting platform.


Odoo combines easy-to-use functionality with a comprehensive suite of business management tools. Comprising a range of integrated modules to address both financial and operational functions, Odoo provides company-wide oversight from one central platform.

Increase Efficiency with powerful automation for Manufacturing companies Perth WA Australia

Increase business efficiency with powerful process automation

Our software solutions help you reduce costs and shrink timelines through process automation. Providing real-time component tracking to optimise stock planning and utilisation, you gain better oversight over your entire production line. Leverage real-time communication, shop floor automation, and platform integrations tailored to your business needs.

Optimise reporting, forecasting and data analysis for Manufacturing companies Perth WA Australia

Optimise reporting, forecasting, and data analysis

Access enterprise-grade tools to consolidate your numbers, and gather more complete data from multiple business sources. Achieve one-stop reporting, analysis, and forecasting for improved decision making and risk mitigation.

Automate time and attendance solution for Manufacturing companies Perth WA Australia

Automate time and attendance

Take advantage of no-touch, biometric time clocking that helps eliminate wage theft. Ensure compliance with government requirements by keeping time and wage records for each employee and casual staff, loaded directly into your payroll system. You can track time by task, both on-premises and at remote locations, facilitating the assignment of labour to individual jobs and tasks.

ERP Budgeting and Forecasting Software Solution Manufacturing companies Perth WA Australia

Whatever industry you service, we’ve got you covered

We know that every industry is different, so we provide solutions that can be used by manufacturing businesses across a range of industries, including:

  • Metal manufacturing
  • Electronics and technology
  • Chemical producers
  • Lighting
  • Medical manufacturers
  • Machinery and equipment
  • Stone and concrete
  • Marine, and automotive
  • Clothing and apparel
  • And many more

Discover our business services

However you operate, we provide customised business software solutions that enable you to streamline your processes and optimise your performance, regardless of your industry.