Leverage integrated, end-to-end data management, budgeting and forecasting, and Business Intelligence capabilities from one application to facilitate business growth.

What is Essatto?

Essatto delivers budgeting and forecasting, streamlined management reporting, data analytics, and data consolidation in one comprehensive application. It enables you to view your numbers in real time, mash up your data from multiple sources over multiple years, companies, currencies, customers, products, etc. and translate this data into a variety of ways to deliver better reporting and forecasting capabilities

What are the benefits of Essatto?

Essatto enables you to get complete control of your business planning and performance. Access more complete data to identify cost savings, gain more clarity and insight around your numbers, and increase profitability for the long term. It’s all about making your data more accessible, easier to interpret, by building drillable dashboards and creating intelligent reports.

Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, Budgeting & Forecasting in one solution with I&A Essatto Perth WA

An all-in-one solution, Essatto combines Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, and Budgeting & Forecasting in a single application.

Supercharge ERPs like Odoo & Xero with I&A Essatto Perth WA

Supercharge your ERPs like Odoo and Xero with complementary features like projected cashflows, multi-scenario budgeting & forecasting, entity consolidation, and management reporting.

Cost-effective solution with I&A Essatto Perth WA

A cost-effective solution that improves performance by being able to analyse business profitability by job, customer, product, branch, and more.

Make smarter decisions with I&A's Essatto Budgeting & Forecasting Business Software solution for Large enterprise businessesry

Make smarter decisions with one single source of truth

Essatto combines the capabilities of multi-scenario budgeting, forecasting, and data management platforms into one easy-to-use tool. Providing a single, centralised solution, it can compile information from your speciality suite of data sources and equipment. Drive business. growth with faster access to accurate and up to date information, saving you valuable time in making decisions, and boosting efficiency of business actions.

Optimise business efficiency with I&A's Essatto Budgeting & Forecasting Business Software solution for Large enterprise businessesry

Optimise your business efficiency

Essatto enables you to eliminate keyman risk, manual data input, and data cleansing by automating your reporting. Create interactive drillable dashboards and reports that remain accurate and up to date, with integrated Excel read and writeback to facilitate self-serve reporting. Easily build custom hierarchies to summarise and report group data.

Frequently asked questions

Learn more about how Essatto works, and what it can achieve for your business.

Can Essatto integrate with ERP systems and standalone accounting packages?

Essatto is designed to integrate with most ERP systems. Pre-built connectors have been developed for both ERPs and standalone accounting packages such as Odoo, Xero, and MYOB.

Is Essatto industry-specific?

No, Essatto is made to be industry agnostic. It’s currently in use in the Mining and Exploration, Sales and Distribution, Healthcare, and Manufacturing industries. Get in touch with us to discuss if it’s available for use in yours.

What value does Essatto bring to a business?

An Essatto solution empowers finance professionals to spend less time compiling data in spreadsheets from various systems. It helps them save time producing their management reports and undertaking variance analysis. Detailed budgets and reforecasts can be built very quickly for example down to an individual customer, product, and job level.

Essatto brings Budgeting and Forecasting, Business Intelligence, General Reporting and Intelligent Data Analytics in one application. Businesses can combine data from various operational and financial activities to make better and smarter decisions faster.

I want to keep my current Excel spreadsheets—how will that work?

The advantage of using Essatto is that you can still use your existing spreadsheets. Essatto offers an Excel interface with read and write-back capability, where it automatically aggregates the data submitted by multiple Excel users, providing real-time outcomes.

I’m impressed, but I’m just a small business. Will Essatto work for me?

Absolutely. From small businesses to enterprise organisations, Essatto is able to scale as you do. We’ve successfully implemented Essatto for many small to medium businesses, large businesses, and for accounting firms to accommodate their customers. Get in touch with us to discuss how an Essatto solution will help your business thrive.

Can you integrate any kind of data in Essatto?

Yes, any data that is valuable for making business decisions can be integrated into Essatto. We’ve previously built connectors to connect data from fabrication software like Strumis, and medical practice management tools like Genie. We can also access data from online sources such as Google Analytics.

How much will the implementation cost?

It really depends on your business requirements. Typically, we undertake a Scoping and Requirements study to understand your needs and provide an estimate, timelines, resourcing, etc, before we proceed with the implementation.

Will you provide training or post-implementation support?

Yes, we provide training to users during the system implementation process. We also provide additional post-implementation training and support as required.

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