Discover IAMES: a Business Transformation Solution for Mining & Exploration Companies

Our intelligent IAMES software solution empowers you to work smarter, not harder, and maximise the potential of your mining and exploration activities.

It’s time to embrace digital change

Access affordable digital transformation and get a solution that grows with your business. The technology components of our Mining and Exploration Solution (IAMES) are enterprise-grade, and can optimise your resources, boost productivity, and improve your profits


UiPath is a global leader in robotic process automation solutions. Built to power business transformation, UiPath provides RPA technologies that allow your business to automate its multi-step processes and activities, and get more time back in your day, business wide.


Improve your budgeting and forecasting, streamline your data management, and gain business insights with this powerful data management and reporting platform.


Odoo ERP is a modern, scalable suite of business management software comprising integrated modules to address both financial and operational functions. With around 50 core modules and over 30,000 user developed apps, including CRM, billing, accounting, manufacturing, project management, and inventory management, Odoo provides company-wide oversight from one central platform and is available both on-premises and in the cloud

Odoo ERP all in one affodable business management software for aged and disability care software solution by I&A Perth WA Australia

Leverage powerful ERP software

Mining and exploration companies need a robust platform that’s able to grow as they do. Our ERP platform provides you with a scalable solution that you can customise practically infinitely. By accessing smart native modules and add-on apps, you’re able to continue optimising your software and providing process optimisation that’s completely tailored to your requirements.

From accessing faster transaction processing, to providing cross-company posting by tenement, and fully-featured labour recovery accounting functionality, you can gain more comprehensive information, all with the one solution.

Improve reporting capabilities with Business Software Solution Manufacturing companies Perth WA Australia

Improve your reporting capabilities

Stay on the right side of the relevant regulatory bodies and go beyond static progress reports. Building on intuitive web and integrated Excel read and writeback features, our Essatto platform provides a comprehensive reporting tool that enables you to:

  • Automate your tenement reporting (form 5)
  • Automate your Management Reports
  • Access fully drillable dashboards & reports
  • Simplify end-of-month turnaround time with an easy-to-use consolidation module
  • Deploy multi-scenario budgeting and forecasting to improve decision making
  • Produce detailed variance analysis
  • Undertake Consolidations and Eliminations
Automate mining processes with Business Software Solution Manufacturing companies Perth WA Australia

Automate your processes and optimise how you mine

Mining can be high risk, high reward, but it relies on a large degree of repetition in your operations. We help you deploy Robotic Process Automation software that automates those repetitive manual tasks. This allows you to cut inefficient steps from your operations, and free up your teams to focus on higher value exploration work.

Take advantage of our RPA fully managed service that delivers cost effective automation efficiency, while you only pay for what you use. We help you improve your Finance, Supply Chain, Maintenance, Payroll, HR, and Shipping, all through one managed service.

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However you operate, we provide customised business software solutions that enable you to streamline your processes and optimise your performance, regardless of your industry.