Company Overview

Grey Innovation is a leading technology commercialisation company. Active in healthcare, environmental tech, and defence sectors, Grey Innovation operates a scalable platform to unlock the best Intellectual Property and fast track it to commercial success.


Contacts, Sales, Documents, Purchase,
Helpdesk, Inventory, Manufacturing, Accounting, Quality, PLM, Employees

Challenges & Business Objectives

In April ’20 during the middle of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Grey Innovation led a Victorian Industry consortium to manufacture 2,000 ventilators in Victoria with Federal and State government backing. Delivery was required by the end of July’20. Grey Innovation required a system to manage all aspects of this initiative from inception to delivery of the required outcomes. Grey Innovation were running Reckon and Fishbowl an Inventory Management and Manufacturing add on for Reckon.

They came to the realisation that they required a more extensive solution to accommodate this initiative and their future needs. Specifically, they were requiring a solution that could fulfil the following requirements:

  • Vendor setup – multiple address, payment terms, bank details
  • Inventory management with lot and serial traceability
  • Purchase Order creation and custom sequencing
  • PO Approval Process
  • PO Goods receipt by batch
  • Quality checks on reception of goods
  • Full part traceability from vendor reception to subcontractor location to assembled product.
  • Multi-Level BoM
  • Work Orders to manage assembly
  • History of Engineering Change Orders as part of the Product Lifecycle Management process.
  • Vendor Invoice to PO soft copy capture
  • Automatic Currency Rates for the purchase of imported products
  • Integrated Document Management System
  • Automatic Currency Rates for the purchase of imported products
  • Invoicing
  • Delivery Docket
  • Client set up/payment terms
  • Accounting Setup Up and Reporting

Grey Innovation appointed I&A in April ’20 to implement the Odoo solution to satisfy these requirements. Time was of the essence with this project. I&A commenced work the week before Easter ’20 and were required to have a “baseline system” with key elements in place to get them going during the week AFTER Easter. Whilst it was impossible to undertake a full system implementation during the short period, they key elements were identified and implemented to get them going and the other aspects of the system followed once the critical elements were in place.

Solution Benefits

  • Increased visibility over cash flow and forecasted outgoings from unpaid PO Reporting.
  • Productivity gains from streamlined PO approval process.
  • Greater flexibility to adapt to business changes and requirements with Odoo’s modular approach.
  • Improved collaboration and workflows.
  • Standardised Business Processes.
  • Greater inventory management with Multi Warehouse configuration.
  • Centralise and integrate component management and BoM for greater efficiencies and visibility over changes.
  • Easily identify stock discrepancies with serialisation and full traceability.
  • Improved Supply Chain Management by leveraging advanced Procurement History and Customised PO Reporting.
  • Quarantine receptions to action Quality checks and reduce disruption in the manufacturing process.