The BoxMan

Company Overview

The BoxMan, based in Welshpool, is Western Australia’s premier fast-turnaround supplier of custom and stock corrugated boxes. Specialising in “Made to Measure” unprinted general packing boxes and displays, together with custom household packing boxes, The BoxMan delivers swift, tailored solutions to meet your packaging needs.


  • v.15 Sales
  • v.15 Discuss
  • v.15 Calendar
  • v.15 Notes
  • v.15 Contacts
  • v.15 WooCommerce
  • v.15 CRM
  • v.15 PoS
  • v.15 Accounting
  • v.15 Document
  • v.15 Projects
  • v.15 Website for portal
  • v.15 Purchases
  • v.15 Inventory
  • v.15 Manufacturing
  • v.15 Maintenance

Challenges and Business Objectives


    • Managing multiple systems, including MYOB for accounting and a Trello addon for scheduling, led to inefficiencies and reduced productivity.

Business Objectives:

    • Find a more integrated solution to streamline operations and improve efficiency.


  • Adaptability: “Odoo is very adaptable”, allowing them to customise their system as required.
  • Performance: Can identify underperforming jobs, who is responsible, if they have sold enough for the week, if they have scheduling gaps and if the product was made on time.
  • Order processing efficiency: They are able to process more orders because everything is more organised.
  • Scalability: If they were doing the amount they were turning over now using MYOB, they would not be able to keep up – Ability to expand.
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