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I&A is an Odoo Gold Partner. We employ a team of appropriately qualified Business Analysts and Implementation Consultants to assist our clients through their implementation. Once a client’s system is in production, I&A’s Support Team are ready and waiting to assist customers in need via our client Helpdesk which of course runs on Odoo.


I&A follows a tried and tested Implementation Methodology when undertaking Odoo Implementations.

Once a client has indicated their intent to proceed, I&A will initiate the non-refundable  scope and design phase which is the first step in the Odoo implementation process. This phase is perhaps the most important phase of the entire project. Just like painting a house, the quality of the outcome is a function of preparation before a single brush stroke of paint has occurred.  I&A will arrange a series of meetings/workshops with key client personnel to determine specific requirements and overall project scope.  The detailed requirements and scope are formalised in a proposal document which sets out the proposed solution and includes proposed customisations, hosting details, required software, phasing, key milestones and cost estimates.

This document provides the client with piece of mind as it clarifies what is going to be delivered, over what timeframes and at what cost all of which is essential to any successful Odoo implementation.

The actual project implementation will only proceed once this document has been reviewed, the client is comfortable and has formally signed the documented off. This is an important checkpoint for mitigating client risk. For minimal cost, a client has complete visibility to the entire project and a final opportunity to suspend or withdraw prior to committing to the remainder of the project.  

The Implementation Phase commences once the client has signed off on the Scope and Design document. This phase  includes configuration of the base system on the chosen hosting platform, the seeding of key data such as opening balances, customer and product details  and the development, testing and integration of any required customisations as specified in the scope and design document. 

Upon completion of the implementation there is a period of end user testing which typically runs for no more than one week combined with training and enablement activities before the system “Goes Live”

Post Go Live, I&A’s Support Team will be there to support the client through the initial period of bedding in system  and helping the client become  familiar with the new environment. Beyond the initial bedding in I&A’s support team will be on hand to support clients with any production issues that may arise in the future.

IA implementation process


I&A works on a prepaid consulting hours basis. I&A makes a range of prepaid service packs available for purchase which are fit for purpose depending on client need. The prepaid hours are drawn down as services are rendered. Hours can be used across a wide range of services including support, training, customisation, development, installation of apps & data importation. Discounts are offered based on the size of Service Pack purchased. 

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Getting Started

We recommend setting up a demo environment and having a remote discussion & presentation to address your requirements. At the end of this initial chat we will provide you access to your own Odoo installation for evaluation purposes. Please fill in the form below and we will be in touch.

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