Not for profit – budgeting & forecasting

Company Overview

The organisation is primarily responsible for blood donation and related services in Australia. It has around 100+ blood donor centres across Australia​.

Oracle Implementation by I&A Perth Australia

Company Overview

Hyperion Profitability and Cost Manager (HPCM), Hyperion Planning

Challenges and Business Objectives

  • Current costing system inefficient, pc based and not integrated with source feeder systems.
  • Improve processing and reporting times.
  • Required widely available solution to all business key stakeholder/users to support planning processes.
  • Greater transparency in the modelling processes.
  • Alignment of cost allocation to products.
  • An agreed and transparent process of allocation.
  • Agreed definitions of fixed, variable and step up costs.
  • True costs for transfer pricing between organisational units.


  • Fully allocated product costs
  • Full allocation of costs viewable across resources, activities, Cost objects, cost pools & time
  • Tracking actuals vs. budget/planned supply
  • Possibility of building in KPI’s as an output
  • Ability to produce comprehensive output required by external auditors in an efficient and timely manner