Government – budgeting & forecasting

Company Overview

The Department’s Key focus is on operational transport functions and strategic transport planning and policy across the range of public and commercial transport systems that service the State. It’s role is to connect people with goods and services through an intricate system of roads, railways, airports, ports and waterways and educate and regulate to keep them safe within those networks.

Oracle Implementation by I&A Perth Australia


Hyperion Planning was used as the core component to capture Budget inputs from users and centrally consolidate and calculate numbers to produce a final budget. The system provides a mechanism to quickly iterate and easily track changes arising from adjustments initiated by Treasury (SIMS system) and internal budget transfers. Outcomes produced to be accessible to the Oracle BI Apps database for reporting purposes.

Challenges & Business Objectives

  • A proposed solution was required to produce a 5-year Budget. The current Year’ Budget was required to be captured at a detailed level, with the remaining years being produced at a higher level.
  • Budgeting and Planning were entirely Excel-based, with all the issues typically associated with spreadsheet-based solutions. A considerable manual effort was involved in reconciling activities throughout the process.
  • The development of mappings was required to interface with the Department of Treasury and Finance chart of accounts.

Solution Benefits

  • Historical data was sourced electronically from Oracle EBS
  • Base budget data was captured from users
  • A journaling mechanism was developed to capture budget movements and changes.
  • A labour module was developed to calculate outcomes by position and associated average costs per position.
  • The completed budget data was uploaded automatically and electronically back into Oracle EBS.
  • An interface was developed to source data from the client as well as provide final budgets and revisions back to the client’s Accounting system (SIMS).