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Oracle Implementation by I&A Perth Australia


Hyperion (HPCM) formed the core of an Oracle based solution which has the ability to allocate Core Costs and Revenue that are available at a corporate level down to an Operational level using hundreds of complex driver rules and assignments to ensure accurate and granular allocation. The Hyperion HPCM solution was complemented by other Products in the Oracle BI/EPM suite including Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) to provide feeds to and from Hyperion, Smartview the main end user interface for various inputs and some reporting and Enterprise Performance Management Architect (EPMA) to maintain Hyperion Application Structures. Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) 11g was the main Reporting Tool used to view outputs from the Route Profitability system, providing various standard Reports in a suite of Dashboards, and Ad-hoc Reporting capability from both PC and iPad.

Challenges & Business Objectives

  • Large user community with advanced reporting and analysis requirements.
  • Desire to integrate financial and operational data from multiple data sources into a central data repository.
  • Deficiency in strategic and technical Business Intelligence skills and knowledge.



  • Enhanced the granularity of the Route Profitability Allocation outcomes.
  • Ability to drill down and trace/audit allocations from dashboard Reports back to the source data.
  • A KPI / Dashboard environment that established a foundation for expansion into other subject areas of Route Profitability Data and other business areas.
  • The ability for end users to create intricate custom reports via a browser-based interface.
  • Expandable Integrated framework that supports the reporting of other data sources.