led Lighting manufacturer

Company Overview

Our Client is one of the leading Melbourne based manufacturers in LED lighting for both the Industrial and Architectural markets. Their industrial products include flood lighting, low bay, high bay in mines, factories and warehouses. In the Architectural market it provides LED lights for general and decorative lighting for use in architectural installations.


Calendar, Contacts, Sales, CRM, Manufacturing, Projects, Purchasing, Accounting, Employees, Timesheets, Barcode, Quality, Time Off, Inventory

Challenges & Business Objectives

Prior to implementing Odoo ERP, the company was using several bespoke software solutions from various organisations such as MYOB, Microsoft and a CRM system that was no longer supported and outdated.

Solution Benefit

I&A implemented a fully integrated business process solution pack (Odoo ERP) incorporating sales, manufacturing, delivery and customer support which delivered the client following outcomes:

  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Increased productivity in Purchasing, Manufacturing, Project Management, Sales and Marketing and accounting
  • Simplified Accounting and financial performance monitoring
  • Auditability and traceability of all manufactured products
  • Improved warehouse processes and functionality
  • Improved traceability and efficiency of purchases and receiving off goods via the use of barcoding and inventory application
  • Improved delivery times on all projects by ensuring that all departments have visibility to sales, purchasing, manufacturing, Quality and delivery of projects
  • Improved employee / human resources management