Finance – budgeting & forecasting

Company Overview

A unit of a Multinational Conglomerate, which a the time held $77 billion in assets and was a leading provider of credit services to consumers, retailers and auto dealers in 36 countries around the world.

Challenges and Business Objectives

  • The business incorporated a significant number of entities (2561) and products (1,165) and needed an efficient means of allocating costs to these entity/product combinations to facilitate product profitability.
  • All management reporting, budgeting and reforecasting was undertaken via a myriad of spreadsheets and in this environment, it was not possible to get down to the necessary level of detail the business required.
  • Preparing all these various spreadsheets was time consuming with dependency on a number of key individuals for the delivery of these outcomes.


  • Monthly Regional Consolidation across 11 Countries
  • Product Profitability through a Cost Allocations engine that was developed in Essatto
  • Monthly Management Reporting
  • Quarterly Reforecasting
  • Annual Budget Process