Corporate catering – data analytics and b&f

Company Overview

The client employs over 11,000 staff and provides a range of corporate catering and cleaning services for predominantly remote locations such as mining camps.


Drillable dashboards by subject area such as sales, payroll, financial. Fully auditable business modelling and scenarios plus built-in integration to Microsoft Excel. Single, integrated environment for budgets, forecasts & historical information. Decreased business risk with Solution acting as a single view of data for all users.

Challenges & Business Objectives

  • Converge & consolidate vast quantities of financial and operational data on a timely basis.
  • Provide a framework for meaningful analysis of consolidated data.
  • Deliver rolled-up management reporting with full drill-through capabilities.
  • Create a platform for robust predictive modelling of future scenarios.

Solution Benefits

  • Profit Segmentation by client, site, service…
  • Revenue cause of change
  • Financial KPIs
  • Financial budget/actual variance analysis
  • Labour turnover analysis
  • Headcount & HR detailed analysis
  • HR Terminations reporting
  • Labour costs by client, site, service…