Joyce Krane Australia pty ltd

Business Overview

I&A implemented an integrated solution that facilitated JK’s transaction processing requirements and replaced several bespoke systems for which they were paying annual subscriptions. The I&A solution provides JK with the ability to integrate with third party systems, in particular their industry specific crane hiring application called E.P.O.S and also accommodates their budgeting and forecasting needs. The solution is fully customisable and scalable such that it will grow with their business. 

Odoo ERP

  • Multi-Company Management
  • Asset Management
  • Asset Depriciation
  • Accrual & Cash Based Reporting
  • Cost Tracking by Asset


  • Budgeting and reforecasting: Integrated Excel write back bottom-up budgets and forecasts capable of “What if” scenarios.
  • Automated data consolidation: History, budgets, and forecasts using the inbuilt hierarchy features.
  • Simplified end user BI report and dashboard creation: Web reports and dashboards and integrated read and writeback Excel facilitating flexible and self-serve reporting.
  • Datawarehouse: Capture of data from multiple sources into a centralised data store reduced the incidence of bespoke Excel spreadsheets previously used as a de facto data store.


Fully integrated Australian Payroll updated on a regular basis for changes to Australian Industrial Relations laws.

Challenges and Business Objectives

  • JK was using multiple software platforms to perform daily operations. None of these were integrated.
  • There was a basic accounting system in place which was complimented by manual data management and a dependency on excel. This resulted in time consuming and often complex data manipulation to produce any meaningful business insight. All management reporting, budgeting, and forecasting was undertaken using spreadsheets will no ability to drill down to detail.
  • The business had no efficient means to combine data from multiple sources having to resort to Excel for this activity.


  • The client was able to automate many of its manual processes and eliminated several systems which helped improve business efficiency.
  • Reduced key man risk, manual data input and data cleansing by automating reporting processes.
  • The Management of 7 companies and 400 assets was made simpler and easier.
  • The Integration of all financial transactions and operational data has simplified timely access operational and financial data facilitating the development and regular update of more sophisticated and relevant KPIs.
  • Embracing the world of BI both from a business improvement and staff development opportunity.