Banking case study

Company Overview

This Client is a Chinese policy financial institution. It is one of the largest development finance institutions in the world and one of China’s largest banks specialized in medium and long-term lending and bond issuance.

Strategic Consulting

The output from this project comprised several volumes of documentation and ran for approximately 16 weeks. Specifically, this project involved:

Documenting the current State of Process and Systems associated with the Budgeting Process for the entire Bank. Providing recommendations on Best Practice Budgeting and Planning in the Banking Industry. Proposing a Future Budgeting and Planning Process and Systems Framework incorporating Cost Allocations, Transfer Pricing and Risk Adjusted Return on Capital

Challenges and Business Objectives

  • I&A (Strategic Consulting) were engaged by Oracle Consulting Services in Beijing to lead a team to undertake a complete review of the Bank’s Budgeting and Planning process and systems and to provide recommendations to the Bank on what a future state would look like and how the Bank could transition to this future state outcome.