Odoo v17 new features

Odoo 17 has arrived, marking a significant digital shift with enhanced speed, security, and an array of innovative features.

This release incorporates AI integration, refinements and extensions to existing applications. There is also a complete redesign of the user interface experience with the familiar purple aesthetic replaced with a cleaner design.

Here are some notable changes that you’ll see in the 17th version.

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1. New Industry Module – Pre-Configured apps

Odoo 17 has simplified the complex task of navigating through its 80+ apps for new client adoption. This update introduces a practical solution, streamlining the process of adapting to new business flows and generating data.
Instead of starting from scratch, users can select their industry from the new library module. The module then automatically installs a set of related apps, preconfigured with business flows and demo data specific to the chosen industry. This feature serves as a welcome solution to mitigate the challenges associated with implementing a client specific solution.

2. Point of Sale Innovations in Odoo 17

The Point-of-Sale system has undergone substantial changes, these new features are ideal for modern restaurants and shops. It now offers customers the option to order and pay through QR code scanning on their phones or using a self-service kiosk.

The new Kitchen Display app prioritises efficient order processing for kitchen staff while also serving versatile purposes, such as assembling online orders or preparing large custom orders, like those in a furniture store.

The latest updates bring a notable improvement to creating customising the menu. New features like combos for pricing complete menus and enhanced variants make the process more flexible. The integration with Appointments is a standout addition, allowing clients to conveniently book tables online.

Learn more about the features of Odoo 17’s Point of Sale in the video demonstration.

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3. AI Steps In: ChatGPT in Odoo

Odoo has integrated the revolutionary ChatGPT into its ecosystem, unlocking diverse possibilities across applications. Users now use ChatGPT to generate text alternatives, from refining Knowledge articles to enhancing Marketing campaigns and email templates. This strategic addition highlights Odoo’s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge tools for a more dynamic and creative user experience.

The Website app is now also integrated with ChatGPT, simplifies website creation by offering auto-generated content aligned with business objectives.

4. New Website Scrapper tool

Odoo 17 has introduced some new updates for its website, with the spotlight on the new website scraper feature, simplifying the process of migrating external websites into Odoo pages. This innovative feature eliminates the complexities of extensive migrations, manual copy-pasting, and redesigning efforts. Users can integrate external websites by pasting their addresses, allowing Odoo to seamlessly adapt the structure, design, and content, to fit within the Odoo environment.

In addition to this, Odoo now offers an efficient way to build new pages from scratch within minutes, thanks to industry-specific templates and AI integration.

All images in Odoo Website are now automatically compressed to WebP format. This transition from traditional formats like JPEG and PNG not only ensures improved page load times but also enhances visitor experience and contributes to better SEO rankings.

Updates include a better overview of page templates, a new header and footer design, an improved shape library, and eCommerce improvements like tags and images for variants. Users can now add multiple email domains, addressing a frequently requested feature.
Notably, Odoo 17 brings a significant revamp to the customer portal, along with a refreshed front end for eCommerce, Events, Forums, and Appointments.

5. Additional tools for the sales team

Odoo 17 brings significant improvements to the Sales app. The quotation builder now allows users to create personalised quotations and include pictures, product descriptions, custom messages, and terms and conditions.

Additionally, the product catalogue has undergone substantial enhancements, eliminating the hassle of searching and adding products to quotations. With just one click, users can now access a complete view of all products, streamlining the process and providing a more efficient workflow.

6. Supply Chain, Shop Floor, Inventory & Manufacturing

The new Manufacturing Order Overview consolidates key data, including component status and reordering options, streamlining the replenishment process. Users can easily compare vendors directly from the dynamic report, enhancing efficiency in managing manufacturing orders.

The Shop Floor app, replaces the Tablet View, significantly transforms the experience for work center operators. After confirming a Manufacturing Order, it is displayed on the Shop Floor, enabling operators to effortlessly follow work instructions. A simple tap on the touchscreen ensures that the data in the database is instantly updated, making the process smooth and efficient.

This year’s update introduces a significant feature to manufacturing orders—bringing barcode scanner and mobile device compatibility. Users can effortlessly update information by scanning used components. The addition of automatic printing upon barcode scanning, along with other improvements, enhances the efficiency of the manufacturing order process.

The Inventory app sees improvements in the picking flow, users can now get the quantities per location as they reserve products.

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7. New exciting updates on Employees, Attendance, Payroll and HR

The latest version unveils a range of compelling features across various apps, ensuring a more intuitive and user-friendly experience.

The redesigned Employees module now features a new hierarchy view, along with a more user-friendly Attendance interface. A new handy button has been added, enabling attendance check-ins from anywhere.

The Homeworking module, coupled with geolocation tracking, provides a comprehensive overview of employees’ working plans, ensuring efficient remote work management.

The new update brings significant improvements for international users, offering enhanced and new localised packages for tailored payroll experiences. Specifically crafted for regions such as Belgium, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Kenya, Mexico, the United States of America, and Australia, these packages ensure compliance with each country’s standards and requirements.

8. Localised Accounting module

Odoo’s Accounting app has embraced Peppol, a standardised e-invoicing system. This integration simplifies and streamlines invoicing and financial processes for users. Alongside this, a newly introduced scam protection feature enhances security by issuing warnings when creating transfers to vendor bank accounts not marked as trusted.

A significant improvement in the latest update is the separation of the management of deferred entries from assets. This distinction enables users to create deferred revenues and expenses without the need to set up deferred models in advance.

Final words…

I&A, your dedicated Odoo partner in Australia, extends a comprehensive suite of Odoo services globally.

Our offerings cover Odoo integration, migration, implementation, customisation, development, support, and training. In addition, I&A offers unique extensions to Odoo such as Essatto for superior Management Reporting and Budgeting and Forecasting and Robotics Process Automation for those repetitive, time-consuming tedious tasks.

If you have any questions or need assistance with Odoo 17 or any other digital transformation-related matters, do not hesitate to contact us. Our certified Odoo consultants and CPA/CA-qualified Business analysts are ready to provide comprehensive support throughout the implementation process. Feel free to reach out for more information; we are proud to be ISO27001 Certified and an official Odoo Gold Partner in Australia.

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Odoo 17 new features

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Odoo 17 has arrived, marking a significant digital shift with enhanced speed, security, and an array of innovative features. This release incorporates AI integration, refinements and extensions to existing applications.
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