Admin Assist for Financial Planners

Discover the benefits of end-to-end automation of manual processes for financial planners.

What is Admin Assist?

Admin Assist is a comprehensive process automation service for financial planners. We deploy powerful Robotic Process Automation software to automate and accelerate your manual processes from start to finish.

A better way to manage your admin

Maximise your productivity as a financial planner by automating mundane and repetitive administrative functions. Eliminate inefficiencies throughout your workflow, freeing up your time for more strategic decision-making and business planning.

Boost efficiency with ATO and ASIC Automation with I&A Admin Assist for Accountants Perth WA

Eliminates unnecessary steps from your workflows, and provides your staff more time to focus on valuable client work.

Quick to implement and fast to see results. Our solutions are compatible with most financial planning systems.

A completely secure solution that’s free from manual errors, Admin Assist helps you automate by running within your existing network infrastructure—no cloud uploads necessary.

Achieve greater accuracy with Admin Assist by automating:

  • Dealer Statement Processing & Reconciliation
  • Portfolio Rebalancing
  • Account Opening/Closing
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Performance Reporting
  • Invoice and Billing Management
  • And many more…
Dealer Statement Processing and Reconciliation by I&A using RPA Admin Assist Perth WA Australia

Dealer Statement Processing and Reconciliation

Automate your dealer statement processing and reconciliation with Admin Assist. The bot reads the bank statement and uses a register to identify records to process. Using information observed from a secure password wallet, it logs into each dealer portal and downloads the remuneration report. It then uploads the statement into the dealer system such as CommPay and reconciles the statement with the bank receipt, verifying that the transaction match. If there are any discrepancies the statement is pushed to an exception folder to review. 

Automate all admin processes for financial planners by I&A using RPA in Perth WA Australia

Speed up Client Onboarding and Offboarding

Admin Assist can automate the collection of required documentation, such as identification and verification documents, and populate the necessary fields in your systems. This can greatly reduce errors and ensure compliance with regulations. Similarly, it can streamline the account closing process by automatically checking for any outstanding balances, generating the necessary paperwork, and sending notifications to all involved parties. 

As long as the process is repetitive and time confusing, it can save you significant time and money with less errors. The system can also be customised to accommodate your specific needs.

Hear what Admin Assist has helped our clients achieve

Hear what Admin Assist has helped our clients achieve

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