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A leading technology commercialisation company. Active in healthcare, environmental tech, and defence sectors, our client operates a scalable platform to unlock the best Intellectual Property and fast track it to commercial success. 

Challenges and Business Objectives

In April ’20 during the middle of the COVID-19 Pandemic, our client led a Victorian Industry consortium to manufacture 2,000 ventilators in Victoria with Federal and State government backing. Delivery was required by the end of July’20. Specifically, they were requiring a solution that could fulfil the following requirements:

  • Vendor setup – multiple address, payment terms, bank details  
  • Inventory management with lot and serial traceability 
  • Purchase Order creation and custom sequencing 
  • PO Approval Process 
  • PO Goods receipt by batch 
  • Quality checks on reception of goods 
  • Full part traceability from vendor reception to subcontractor location to assembled product. 
  • Multi-Level BoM 
  • Work Orders to manage assembly 
  • Stock issue to subcontractors for sub-assembly 
  • History of Engineering Change Orders as part of the Product Lifecycle Management process.  
  • Vendor Invoice to PO soft copy capture 
  • Automatic Currency Rates for the purchase of imported products 
  • Integrated Document Management System 
  • Invoicing  
  • Delivery Docket 
  • Client set up/payment terms 
  • Accounting Setup Up and Reporting 




Technology / ERP
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