Construction / ERP


The company provides a range of fire protection solutions and services to predominantly the Western Australian market and employs over 350+ staff.

Challenges and Business Objectives



Prior to implementing this solution, this client was manually gathering hours worked by employees and subcontractors on each site. This was often left to the on-site supervisor to gather the hours for each individual who would then phone/fax in the times to HQ who would then collate these hours for the purpose of paying each individual. The mobil application develped by I&A as a customisation to the Odoo system allowed each individual employee/subscontractor to enter their times via their own mobile phone. This solution did not just facilitate time entry but also facilitated data capture at a greater level of granularity as each individual was requried to enter the time spent by each project, floor within the construction project and individual task they were undertaking.

 This solution significantly streamlined the client’s payroll process and also opened up a level of analysis that previously was not available to them. Managers were able to more accurately track project progress + cost blowouts in a timely fashion and take action accordingly much sooner than was previously possble.


Construction / ERP
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