Our Focus

I&A’s corporate focus is to value add to our clients by helping them to generate revenue growth and cost reductions; therefore, improved business productivity and profitability through the adoption of the core interrelated solutions and services that we offer.

I&A’s solution and service offerings, comprising of Data Analytics, Robotics Process Automation (RPA), Strategic Consulting, Budgeting and Forecasting and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), are integral to any Digital Transformation initiative.

In providing these service offerings, I&A engages with vendors who offer “best in class” solutions to ensure our clients, large and small, are delivered a solution that fits their specific needs within the budget they have available.

Market Segment Ioppolo and Associates in Perth WA

Our clients benefit considerably by engaging with a single vendor that can provide an end to end digital transformation solution. The client is likely to see cost savings and a better solution delivered due to the level of understanding I&A gains of the client’s business by being with the client on the transformation journey from beginning to end.

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