Modern analytics and business intelligence (ABI) platforms are characterized by easy-to-use functionality that supports a full analytic workflow — from data preparation to visual exploration and insight generation — with an emphasis on self-service and augmentation.
MicroStrategy offers one of the most comprehensive ABI platforms, supporting both centralised and decentralised analytic and reporting requirements. Its core analytic product family for data connectivity, data visualization and advanced analytics is supplemented by complementary mobile, cloud, embedded and identity analytics products.
MicroStrategy’s  HyperIntelligence offering overlays and dynamically identifies predefined insights within existing applications. MicroStrategy’s semantic layer is also open to competing ABI platforms.

MicroStrategy overview

How we work with MicroStrategy

MicroStrategy forms part of I&A’s Data Analytics solutions offering. 

I&A have been working in the field of Data Analytics since 1996 and can provide fit for purpose solutions to both the Enterprise and Mid-Market organisation. We work with a number of vendors in this field. Our solutions are fully integrated and come with all the necessary componentry. We offer fully customisable bespoke solutions as well as solutions that come with a range of pre-built connectors for specific sources to expedite rollout and minimise costs.




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