IAMES Mining and Exploration RPA Examples


Month end financial reporting. Posts journals and reconciles to validate postings, GL and Payroll Reconciliations, vendor management, FBT and GST Reporting 

Supply Chain

Logistics Parts to Site, Part tracking, 3PL companies – Sending daily emails to track progress on parts and equipment

Maintenance offset

Ensuring parts turn up in time for a shutdown


Consolidating and uploading payroll data to ATO 

Infield maintenance

Automatically attaches the maintenance order or notification to ERP  

Shutdown Planning

Huge amount of contract labour being used to plan shuts


On boards contractors, and provides travel and accommodation bookings on ERP

ERP to GE Interface

Provides visibility of GE inventory in ERP

Service Entry Sheets

Expediting payment to meet obligations to contractors


Processing Shipping documentation (Draft Bills, Bill of Lading, etc) 

Dynamic scheduling

Updates the estimated time of arrival of shipping in the scheduling system

Coverage Maps

Preparing LTE/WiFi Coverage maps for mines sites


On-boarding and offboarding, Creating and disabling accounts in INX, SAP, Pronto, AD, ServiceNow, etc. 


Qualifications checking (logging into external portals to check employees qualifications)

Travel Expense Allocation

Routing Travel Expense Allocations for approval and applying to the appropriate GL codes 

Allocating ServiceNow Service Desk Tickets

Expediting ServiceDesk requests by allocating over 30,000 Service Desk tickets based on keyword identification

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Logging into the Pathology Portals to check status of drug and alcohol tests – once found, downloading the data into HR and safety systems

Uniform ordering

Processes uniform orders in ERP

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