I&A Mining and Exploration Solution (IAMES)

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Affordable digital Transformation for the Mining and Exploration Sector


Mining and Exploration companies have regular Statutory, Financial and Management reporting obligations. In many instances these companies are under resourced, have limited capital and simply can’t afford many of the top shelf solutions available to other industry sectors where capital and resourcing may be more freely available. This leads to system compromise where limited available resources are required to compensate through the use of spreadsheets and additional effort to deliver on these requirements.

I&A Mining and Exploration SOLUTION(IAMES)

I&A offers an affordable solution for Mining and Exploration that delivers transaction processing and data analytics for storing and reporting BOTH Financial and Operational data.

IAMEs Core Components


IAMES includes an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) which is typically out of reach of the cost conscious miner. Our solution can capture transactions by type, general ledger account, tenement, activity type and activity for Form 5 reporting. Other ERP functions available include integrated timesheet and payroll split by tenement, foreign currency, customisable internal controls and task scheduling.

Data Analytics

IAME’s Data Analytics platform delivers Business Intelligence, Dashboards, Multi-Scenario Budgeting and Forecasting. It has an integrated Excel that facilitates automated Management Reports and direct user input for budgeting and reforecasting and can capture data from multiple sources including operational systems as required.

Features & Capabilities

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