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Hitachi Vantara Services Implementation by I & A Perth WA

Hitachi, through its Lumada Data Ops suite helps organizations worldwide (from startups to Fortune 500 companies) to modernize data operations from the edge to the cloud. Lumada provides a governed, trusted, high-quality and agile data foundation for people and processes driving business innovation.

The Lumada DataOps Suite is a modular system for intelligent data operations. Use each module standalone or in combination. The modules in the suite work together for end-to-end data operations. It ingests and processes data from anywhere. Data cataloging and automation not only secures data for governance and compliance, but it enables self-service data access for easy data discovery, reporting and access to actionable insights. In addition, an intelligent data tiering solution reduces Hadoop infrastructure costs using object storage for seamless application access.

A cornerstone of the Lumada DataOps Suite is Pentaho Enterprise Edition by Hitachi Vantara. It delivers Lumada’s data integration and analytics capabilities. Pentaho Data Integration has been proven in thousands of mission-critical environments.Building on the strong foundation that Pentaho offers, it was incorporated into the Lumada DataOps Suite for data integration and analytics, adding capabilities such as a data catalog, data optimization and edge applications to extend the value.

How we work with Hitachi Vantara

The Hitachi Vantara Data Ops Suite forms part of I&A’s Data Analytics solutions offering. 

I&A have been working in the field of Data Analytics since 1996 and can provide fit for purpose solutions to both the Enterprise and Mid-Market organisation. We work with a number of vendors in this field. Our solutions are fully integrated and come with all the necessary componentry. We offer fully customisable bespoke solutions as well as solutions that come with a range of pre-built connectors for specific sources to expedite rollout and minimise costs.

Hitachi DataOps Next virtual Conference


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