Best Essatto implementation and management in Perth WA

Essatto does many of the things that your Accounting or ERP system can’t easily do. Typically businesses find themselves doing these activities in a myriad of Excel spreadsheets which can be time consuming, error prone and leave the business exposed to Keyman risk. In many instances, businesses simply do not have the time to undertake these activities so they simply are not done, leaving the business exposed to lost revenue opportunities, unnecessary cost overruns or unforeseen exposures that may have been averted.

These activities includes comprehensive Budgeting and Forecasting, Combining Accounting/ERP data with data sourced from other External Systems, Automated Data Consolidation and Streamlined Management Reporting.

Essatto Key Features

Essatto Architecture

Essatto Architecture - Odoo Perth WA

Essatto Overview

Essatto Budgeting and Forecasting

Essatto 'What-If' Forecasting

Essatto Rolling Forecast Demo

Essatto Sales Manager Forecast Demo

Essatto Excel Add-In

Essatto Multiple Chart of Accounts Demo

Combining Data from Different Sources

Essatto Dashboards

Best Essatto implementation and management in Perth WA

Essatto Cloud Pricing*


/ Month


  • Full access
  • Create / Delete Users
  • User Permission Management

Advanced User

/ Month


  • Essatto Fast Budgets
  • Analytics & Excel Add-In
  • Access to Developed Modules

Intermediate User

/ Month


  • Essatto Analytics
  • Essatto Excel Add-In

Analytics / Excel Only User

/ Month


  • Analytics OR Excel Add-In User

*One Adminstrator user required per site

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