Essatto Subscription Pricing (AUD)*


This is a System Administrator user with access to all aspects of the system including creating and deleting users, setting user permission and roles etc. 

$189 / Monthly

$2041 / Prepaid Annually

Basic User - Excel Add In

This user has access to Essatto via Excel only with full pivot table functionality  as well as access to the Essatto Excel Add-in which allows the user to create standard reports and also create templates that can write back calculated outcomes produced in Excel or user input values such as Budget Input templates. 

$99 / Monthly

$1069 / Prepaid Annually

intermediate user

This user has the combined functionality of both the Basic Excel and Basic Analyzer user. 

$149 / Monthly

$1609 / Prepaid Annually

BASIC USER - Analytics

This user has access to Essatto via  a Web based interface which facilitates Web Based Reporting and the creation of dashboards.

$99 / Monthly

$1069 / Prepaid Annually


This user has the functionality of an Intermediate User plus access to any Essatto developed modules such as Fast Budgets, Rebates etc. 

$169 / Monthly

$1825 / Prepaid Annually

*10% discount offered if paid annually in advance

**Minimum of one Administrator must be purchased


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