Combining External Data with Odoo

Many businesses may operate external applications or systems in addition to Odoo. This may include, special processing or manufacturing machinery which has its own sensors and associated software that captures key production centric data that often, when combined with financial data, may provide key insights into overall business performance. Sometimes key data associated with business performance may be coming from external sources, or, a business may have a requirement to store historical information that resides in other systems in an environment that will facilitate easy comparisons and seamless reporting with current business activity.Specific examples of this “mashing up” of data for the purpose of management reporting may include:
Odoo is seldom used as the platform for producing business management reports.
For many businesses, “mashing up” activity is undertaken in Excel where end users have the ability to format and add additional information to the data sourced out of Odoo to frame up a comprehensive formatted view of business performance, which is commensurate with the way the business is viewed and managed. However, using a myriad of hard to manage spreadsheets, to deliver this outcome, becomes time consuming to update and can provide business decision makers with error prone information. With complex spreadsheets also comes “Keyman” risk, where business management may be beholden to the developers of these spreadsheets for the information needed to run their business.

I&A has developed a solution called Essatto, which through its built-in connector, integrates with Odoo and delivers comprehensive budgeting and forecasting, aggregates ALL of the businesses data (including Odoo) into a central Data Analytics platform, and provides streamlined reporting to save a business time and value-add by helping to uncover cost savings and revenue opportunities.

Essatto Budgeting and Forecasting BI EPM/CPM Architechture
Essatto Architecture


Essatto BI Budgeting & Forecasting Data Analytics BI EPM/CPM for SME Perth Australia


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