Data Analytics

The world has seen an explosion of data across all facets of business and people’s personal lives. Businesses must have the ability to analyse large volumes of data relevant to their business to remain competitive and relevant in today’s world.  

Data analytics, is simply, the use of data to develop a better understanding of various aspects of your organisation. The data organisations typically need to collate, prepare and analyse can be from different sources, sizes and formats but is likely to include both Actual and Forecast Operational and Financial data. 


For many organisations, their data analytics foundation comprises a myriad of Excel spreadsheets potentially combined with the odd Access Database – this is not ideal. The challenges organisations face with this configuration include:

Data Analytics Architecture

Data Analytics Data Warehousing Budgeting and Forecasting Perth Australia
Typically a Data Analytics Platform comprises:


I&A have been working in the field of Data Analytics since 1996 and can provide fit for purpose solutions to both the Enterprise and Mid-Market organisation. We work with a number of vendors in this field. Our solutions are fully integrated and come with all the necessary componentry. We offer fully customisable, bespoke solutions as well as solutions that come with a range of pre-built connectors for specific sources to expedite rollout and minimise costs. 

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