Mining Software

Solutions for Mining Companies

I&A have delivered a range of mining software solutions to various operations in mining including…

  • Tenement Costing Management
  • ASX Reporting
  • Integrated Financials
  • Field Service
  • Mine Administration Automation
  • Fixed Asset Management

Tenement Costing Management

  • Odoo

I&A have developed a complete software solution for tenement costing management that includes the enhanced reporting of data across; GL account, categories, products, projects, tenements and other variables. Expenditure tracking including geological exploration costs, corporate and re-allocation categories.

ASX Reporting

  • Odoo
  • Essatto

Essatto connects directly to Odoo to generate ASX reports for mining companies in Australia including Form 5. Additional functionality that Essatto delivers includes; budgeting and forecasting, consolidated reporting, reporting across multiple data sources and cost centre reporting. Already have ad hoc mining software? I&A’s mining software development team in Australia customise the integration of the software you’re familiar. Better live reporting of existing mining data on a master dashboard, uniquely configured to how mineral economic executives prefer to see and optimise mining operations.   

Integrated Financials

  • Odoo

Odoo delivers a range of integrated mining business management modules with integrated accounting and financials. It offers functions such as 3-way matching where a purchase order flows through to accounts payable with full tracking and data only entered once.

Field Service

  • Odoo

The Odoo Field Service module module is ideal for mining companies with resources onsite where they want to track mining activities, materials used, time on jobs and also have field staff input relevant data.

field service

Mine Administration Automation

  • UiPath

Automating common mining related administrative functions can both save time and money. It also frees up resources to work on more proactive and labour intensive tasks.

Fixed Asset Management

The Odoo Fixed Assets software module manages all aspects of mine asset maintenance and management including depreciation, disposal, tracking and reporting.

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