Solutions for Manufacturing Companies

I&A have implemented Odoo across a range of manufacturers with customisations to meet specific requirements. Manufacturing common requirements include…

  • Parts Management
  • Bill of Materials / Kits
  • Work Order Planning
  • Engineering Change Orders
  • Time tracking to Work Centres and Jobs
  • Field Service
  • Maintenance
  • Quality Controls

Inventory Management

  • Odoo

Odoo Inventory Management integrates with a range of associated modules which include Manufacturing, Purchasing, Accounting and Sales. When a Manufacturing Order is confirmed than inventory lines are automatically assigned to the designated manufacturing stock location.

Bill of Materials & Kits

  • Odoo

Odoo supports both bill of materials and kits where users can create a single product that is made up of sub-products and these sub-products can be stockable items, services/labour, or consumables. When a BOM order is confirmed then a manufacturing order is automatically generated along with required purchase order and work order requests.

Work Order Planning

  • Odoo

For businesses that may have multiple manufacturing steps along with several work-stations, the Odoo Work Order Planning function allows for the scheduling and prioritisation of orders.

Engineering Change Orders

  • Odoo

Odoo Engineering Change Orders allow for the creation of a number of bill of assembly variants with the tracking of changed variables and components.

Time Tracking to Work Centres and Jobs

  • Odoo

Odoo Work Orders manage planned and actual times to manufacturing jobs where a work order is a process within a manufacturing order. Work orders can have routing steps applied with inbuilt time tracking.

Field Service

  • Odoo

The Odoo Field Service module is ideal for manufacturers with resources on client site. It tracks times to jobs, materials used, tasks completed and worksheets.


  • Odoo

The Odoo Maintenance module manages both reactive and proactive maintenance requests. This module ties in with a range of other modules including Manufacturing (machine down-time blockage), Timesheets, Inventory (parts) and Assets/Accounting.

Quality Controls

  • Odoo

The Odoo Quality app works with the Odoo Manufacturing app to trigger quality checks either on a defined or ad-hoc basis. This tool ties in with the approvals process where only certain users can enter quality checks.

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