Solutions for Logistics Companies

I&A have experience across a range of logistics and distribution based businesses where solutions delivered include…

  • Supply Planning
  • Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Landed Cost Management
  • Lot & Serial Tracking
  • Warehouse and Stock Location Management

Supply Planning

  • Essatto
  • Hyperion Planning

A company imports product in containers and needs to plan future container orders taking into account; projected sales of specific products, expected lead times, minimum stock re-order points, and stock on hand.

Budgeting & Forecasting

  • Essatto

Create a budget or run what-if scenarios across the business in minutes with Essatto Fast Budgets. Alternatively you can manage granular budget inputs by product, customer, salesperson, region or supplier.

Landed Cost Management

  • Odoo

Odoo supports different options around the spreading of landed costs (eg. import duties, taxes, freight etc…) across incoming and delivered goods. In addition currency gains and losses can be managed based on conversion processes.

Lot and Serial Tracking

  • Odoo

Odoo supports the tracking of both lots (eg. container) and serial numbers (eg. unit) throughout the supply process including management of expected delivery dates.

Warehouse and Stock Location Management

  • Odoo

Odoo allows for the management of stock by warehouse and location with the ability to create custom put-away rules. Transfer requests and actions can be tracked and stock valuations managed by location.

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